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ARCORA® International GmbH supports the following UN goals for sustainable development:
Nachhaltige und moderne Energie für alle Nachhaltiges Wirtschaftswachstum und menschenwürdige Arbeit für alle Bekämpfung des Klimawandels und seiner Auswirkungen

ARCORA® International GmbH

Product „MEDICAL BLUE Microfaser Garnbezug 50cm 5.000 Stück“

Participant ID: DE-3145-1027

This certificate guarantees that the reported quantity of 7 tons CO2 has been saved in Gold Standard tested climate projects.

ARCORA® International GmbH has acquired shares (certificates) in climate protection projects corresponding to the calculated volume of 7 tons CO2 to offset the carbon emissions of “MEDICAL BLUE Microfaser Garnbezug 50cm 5.000 Stück”, and therefore plays a transparent part in the realisation of the projects. This ensures that the company compensates for its own CO2 emissions, and thus scales back the rise in global warming.

The projects have been certified, and the issue and closure of the certificates is registered transparently. 

ARCORA® International GmbH is therefore a voluntary participant in emissions trading, and thus makes a contribution to maintaining a viable environment by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The holder of this certificate makes a sustainable contribution to the commitment to tackle global warming.

Frank Huschka

ARCORA® International GmbH supporting climate protection projects:

Orange Suvaan Solar Photovoltaic Power Project in Maharashtra


Solar Energy for India

M/s Orange SuvaanEnergy Private Limited (OSEPL) is constructing a solar energy project in the village of Mhasaleim district of Dhule, Maharasthra, with a capacity of 100 MW (50 x 2 phases).

The aim of the project activity is to generate electrical energy through the operation of a photovoltaic solar power plant. The total installed capacity of the project activity is 100 MW.

The objective of the Project Activity is the generation of electrical energy using solar energy through the operation of photovoltaic solar panels.

The electricity generated by the project will be exported to the Indian power grid. The Project Activity will therefore displace a corresponding amount of electricity that would otherwise have been generated by the dominant fossil fuel based electricity grid.

Category          Standard           
Carbon       |      Gold Standard 5928

Harmanlik Wind Power Plant


Eskoda Enerji and Fuatres Elektrik Üretim A.S.  have invested into new wind power plant to generate electricity and feed it into the Turkish grid. The wind power plant is planned to be built close to Çamlüca Village in the province of Bursa in Turkey.

The project has 50 MW installed power in total, the project will generate around 166 GWh electricity annually.
Comparing with baseline situation for electricity system of Turkey, this amount of electricity generation will lead around 98.000 tonnes carbondioxide emission reduction per year. In addition to the CO2, the project will reduce SOx and NOx emissions which arise from electricity generation from mainly coal power plants.

Category          Standard           
Carbon       |      Gold Standard 2544